Friday, July 9, 2010

Chasey Lain Cracks Me Up

8 months ago 15 She's right, you are fucking idiot, but that putting it extremely lightly. You should of shut down the whole shoot as soon as you realized she was trashed. Porn obviously takes a toll on people emotionally.....It's not a sport!!! these woman need to be around supportive people in the industry that won't take advantage of them when there crashing. But you are obviously an idiot for letting a druged out girl get to you.Your mission was a failure!!!
8 months ago 8 The fucker let her drive off high like that? Fuck that piece of shit. I hope he gets crippled by a drunk driver and has to piss out of his neck for the rest of his long life
*8 months ago 8!... jesus could see it all... she's going to Hell..

4 days ago WOW!! I remember seeing her a few years ago in a movie and she was hot! Damm! She looks like SHIT! What a WASTE! YUK!
heroin sheik
1 week ago pornstars are dirty whores
no respect for woman who choose to do porn,
or bums that preach religion
3 weeks ago to be honest i dont really care what happens to this crack head of pornstark,they are already degenerate
slave merchant
1 month ago? 666 headmark915?
yes, 1 month ago She chose a life of porn and dope, and - big surprise - it came with a cost. The only surprise is that someone was still willing to film her at this point.
666 headmark915 1 month agoI saw MulletMcNardtown
and MulletMcNasty 1 month ago fucking each other in the ass listening to doctor whoin...1982
and 1 month ago I felt sorry for her. These guys taking advantage of her pooter like all pornographers. She used to be the most stunning porn star there was but now porn dudes trying to cheat her out of money from stills..fucken wankers. She was once a contract porn star well sort after. She aint no naive newcomer. she knows these guys tryin to rip her off. Fuck them for postin this on youtube tryin to shame her. Shame on them the crooks.
doctorwho1982smoking some Kris Kringle with MisterSicOne
1 month ago youre an idiot for even filming this LOL
this takes nothing away from her career in the 90's.
she was badass my friend and every man wanted her !
its one thing to bring someones problems out in the open ,
but its another thing to bash them rather than help them.
someone should buy her flowers

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